Related Topic: Who Need A Virtual Office ?

Save Cost

Virtual office in Malaysia is cheaper than traditional office and that would be the reason why you need it. Starting from only RM1 per day at Novux you can get a premium address for your business. 

Strategic location – easy access

The transportation system in Malaysia is highly developed. Anyone either local people or foreigner can easily travel by bus and train from one area to other areas. The well-develop the airport, the central station and highways are the most important things for foreigner to start a new business in Malaysia.

Dedicated Landline Telephone number

Either you are foreigner or local entrepreneur, you need a landline number for gaining trust from the client or customer. Virtual Office will provide you a landline number exclusively for your business which eventually help your business activity and making a better business.

Local receptionist

Usually, Virtual office packages have a well-trained receptionist which usually local to help managing your business calls, clients or anything related to your business. You no need to hire a reception and also can cut your cost.

Prestigious location

Mostly virtual office is located in a prestigious building in a strategic location which is in a hot city of Kuala Lumpur. Its gives easier where easy to access and interconnected with public transport. For instance, our Novux have a interconnected bridge to Rapid KL Monorail Bukit Nanas station.