Know your consumer

Looks on what customer need, what consumer demand, your target audience, and the strategy is what you need the most. As a startup, you need to take looks carefully before make a next step especially for your business plan. So, you have to clarify, analyzing, and planning for your next steps.

Build and discuss marketing plan

As a leader, for a new startup, you need a team where can help you in organizing the business. You as a leader, need to have a meeting where sit together and discuss with your team what your marketing plan is and so on. You need your team idea and support in market your product.

Use social media platform

Social media is the right platform to advertise your product to the people. The right platform you may use to advertise are Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube, blogs and so on. You need to have a good strategy with a good content that can attract the audience towards your product.
Market yourself
Besides, you also need to market yourself to appear in another place (public) with professional looks. Hence, you need to show your talent, confidence levels, always say the right things, open and transparent and try to avoid any conflicts. This can help your business to become better and familiar with the market.

Maintain quality of the product

Customer satisfaction is really important for your business and also towards your products. By getting a great feedback from your customer, can make your business and marketing become better. By giving your customer with the highest quality of product, which they also can promote and recommends your product to another environment. You also can ask and request your client to leave some review regarding to your services on google or website.

Follow up

Frankly, some user or customer are not interested in giving a feedback towards our products. But, you as an owner need to take an action towards this, try to follow up with them, which you can hear some comment or feedback from your consumer. If there any comments or feedback, then take it positively and make some improvements.


Based on the comments and feedback that you had been received, take it as your guideline and make improvements towards your product and services. Customer satisfaction is important for your business future and you need to maintain the quality of your product. Then, always follow up regarding your sales and marketing with your team then you can make a new strategy and plan for your business