Advantages of Hot Desking

What is a Hot Desk?

Hot desk is a modern workplace trend where multiple workers can use a single workstation during different time periods.  Instead of being assigned a fixed desk, a worker can take whatever desk is available in a workspace  Hot desking is often used in coworking spaces like NOVUX. The realization of hot-desking has hastened the decline of permanent workstations/cubicles or private office spaces. A coworking space hot desk can have multiple members/companies however they occupy the space at different times of the day. When managed properly the process of hot desking fosters collaboration, creativity and builds networks among the members.

Cost reduction is one of the biggest advantages of hot desking. It helps to cut down unnecessary overhead costs such as signing long-term leases, renovation, and utilities as opposed to renting out a traditional office.

Why  Choose Novux?

At Novux, our hot-desk arrangement occupies a dedicated area so that members can have privacy while working regardless of being in a coworking space. An ergonomic setup was used to design the dedicated hot-desking area. This ensures comfortability for long working hours.  Hot desk members enjoy special rates for meeting room usage. Along with, unlimited access to lounges with free refreshments all day. Additionally, our hot-desking package offers free high-speed internet access. Dedicated storage with a safeguard lock is also provided to secure belongings when you rent a space with us. Most importantly, our on-site professional support team is always on standby to assist you in any matter ensuring a pleasant working experience in Novux.

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