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As we know, entrepreneurship in Malaysia growing up from year to another year. Entrepreneurship path filled with joys and promises of golden rewards in future but another side full with inevitable risks. Unfortunately, some common overlooked risks Malaysian entrepreneurs take and regret it later on.

New Staff Background

In adding a new staff in the organization, employer or entrepreneur itself need to well prepared and check the background for each candidates. The employer itself need to intervene in selecting new employees in interviewing and investigate candidate’s background either meet the requirement or not.


In addition, a good entrepreneur should already have a plan and proper budget in spending to run their business. Sometimes, the entrepreneur know when they need to spend (money) freely or extravagantly in order to gain benefits in future. As a good entrepreneur they need to avoid overspending on unnecessary things like decoration and entertainment.

Being stingy with crucial necessities

“You must spend money to make money” – Plautus

Last but not least, the success entrepreneur know how to spend-well their money and where they need to spend it. An example, the good way to describe this principle is you hiring a professional web developer in promote your business. A professional will work with the website and your business look more professional and trustworthy which you will received a good things in future.