virtual office

COVID-19 has changed the way we work, communicate, educate and socialise. Our economy is affected. Many people are losing jobs. Many businesses downsize while a few others like e-commerce and virtual offices grow big. Some who are still employed choose to continue working from home, while some employers downsized office leases or search for more flexible office space rather than long-term leases.

We can’t deny it: COVID-19 indeed exposed the weaknesses of traditional workplaces. But now that COVID-19 is toning down, it’s still too early to be comfortable and believe everything will come back to normal. We still need to prepare for the worst in case another pandemic comes. This is the time for businesses to rethink their strategies. It is all about sustainable strategies. Hence, it would be safer for businesses to consider a virtual office in the long run. Here are the reasons why virtual office makes sense for your business in this pandemic right now.

Everything is going virtual

Everything is going online for two reasons: convenience and efficiency. We can see that the e-commerce business is in high demand now because their service is focused on those two reasons. Like e-commerce, virtual office business does the same. It is a need today as many people want to work from home permanently since the pandemic crisis. This means that whatever business you have, you will still need unlimited, high-speed Internet with excellent telecommunication services to move your business forward at a low cost. At a virtual office, you will have just that. A receptionist handling all the calls, e-mails and do all the secretarial work for you. So, no need to hire one! To embrace the future, it is wise that businesses adapt to change to survive and not be left behind. Going virtual is the start.

Avoid expensive leases

Traditional office space is not only burdensome, it’s expensive. With COVID-19, many businesses downsized as they cannot pay expensive leases. Virtual office gives you the best of both worlds. Your business can have a prestigious city centre address for mail and deliveries without a huge price tag. At the same time, your business can enjoy the benefits of telecommuting – time savings for your employees or contractors, as well as cost savings for your business. At a virtual office, you can work from home or anywhere while your business address has a prestigious location in the city centre with little financial commitment.

Time to go green

Climate change, like pandemics, will damage economies and the cost of doing business. As a human and a business leader, it is important that businesses take actions wisely. With increasing global climate awareness, it is likely too that more strict climate policies will be enforced everywhere. Thus, it is safe for your business in the long run to tackle climate change now. By avoiding a permanent office address, business leaders can reduce carbon emissions by using a virtual office. Furthermore, businesses with a green focus are in high demand now — and most customers and consumers today want to purchase services only from companies with a green focus. A green-focus business will have a sustainable reputation. Going green via a virtual office is good for the planet and good for your business too!

Flexibility is the new norm: work from anywhere

In the fast-moving world, work-life balance is dying. Work-life integration is now the more realistic alternative. After the pandemic, working from home may be too much for everyone and workers would crave to work outside their home. Work from anywhere may be the new norm. Who says you can’t remote work on the beach in Bali? With virtual office, work-life integration is made easier for entrepreneurs. It provides you the ability to work flexibly without worrying about administrative details like receiving your mails and answering calls when you aren’t available.

In Conclusion

“Change is scary, but it is necessary” has been crystal clear since the past harsh months. If you’ve read until here, it means you are concerned about your business and willing to embrace change. Going virtual with NOVUX Virtual Offices is a good start! Kick-start your business with us at fraction of a cost. We are always here to help your business grow!