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“Working from home is better!”

“No, working from the office is better!”

Recently, there have been hot debates on work from home vs. work from office. Some prefer working from home, while some prefer going back to the normal office. The pandemic has made us think that we will be working from home forever and that virtual office will be completely in. (thus, the end of office-floor plan)

But, will we work from home forever?

Not really. According to the CEO of the biggest all-remote company, Gitlab, complete remote-working models don’t make sense. Following that, many surveys have shown split views of whether we should work from home or from the office. I find this more logical because there is no one formula that fits us all. Some industries need an office, while some don’t.

So instead of going on the war of “work from home VS. work from office”, why don’t we do both? That way, all professionals can enjoy the best of both worlds. After all, it’s about balance. 

While remote-working benefits workers in terms of convenience and cost-efficiency, the downside is that people crave the “community” feel at work. A research even suggested that, after some time, remote workers need closeness from being around others as it helps boost their motivation. On the flip side, though, working at the office everyday may add unnecessary stress of commuting and also health worries from covid-19. 

This is why many companies are adopting rotation style of working remotely for 1 week, and working from the office the next week. Now office-lovers can return to office on a limited, rotating basis. This not only boosts employees motivation, but it helps them empathize for others’ health and well-being at large. Overall, it is a smart and humane move!

Coworking space KL: work from home and work from office!

For freelancers and entrepreneurs who are in need of both, it’s worth considering a coworking space. A coworking space offers fully-furnished and equipped office suites that can be rented on a short-term, monthly basis. You don’t need to lock yourself into a fixed office lease and waste the big bucks away. Compared to fixed office leases which go on a yearly basis, you can save a lot of money with a coworking space since you won’t be in the office everyday.

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What NOVUX offers: the best of both worlds!

This is why at NOVUX serviced offices, we offer virtual office packages where you can enjoy the best of both working at home and from the office! Our coworking space KL package offers you the benefits of virtual office including flexible coworking spaces from only RM600/month.You can read more about a virtual office here, if it’s still unclear to you!

Be it mail and package handling, e-mailing, faxing, or forwarding calls, we will handle all of your administration work. This is so that you can work from home more conveniently. And should you wish to come to the office for some breathing space, feel free to use one of the desks in our office space at anytime you like! Our offices offer 24/7 access. Good for night workers too!

And the best part? You can use a meeting room for free for 6 hours per month. Our meeting rooms are equipped with advanced electronic equipment for conducting your much-needed video conferencing. Hence, entrepreneurs like you don’t need to spend so much on an office lease just to properly hold your meetings! It’s unnecessary if you choose not to come to the office everyday.

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Here At NOVUX, we offer the ideal workplace for you – you can choose to work from home and work from the office at low costs! Who says we can’t achieve a good balance between working from home and office? It is possible with us today!