exam center for renting in KL
exam center for renting in KL

Novux Exam Centers for Rent Services in KL

All Requisites OF Exam Center Under One Roof

Novux is capable of meeting any exam room requirement with unmatched rental solutions. We bring all necessary IT equipment and infrastructure under one roof. We have numerous auxiliary examination centers that can be used to conduct exam events for educational institutes, professional certification exams, and tests. Our exam centers for rent in KL are customizable to accommodate different furniture arrangement styles to suit your needs such as classroom style, theater style, conference style, boardroom style, etc.


In our exam centers for rent, we offer security, marking candidates’ attendance, power backup solutions, requested arrangements of chairs and desks, and proper IT equipment. 

We make sure that we provide quality technology solutions and examination infrastructure at our exam centers for rent.

Rent a Exam Center in KL

Contact us and discuss the requisites and size of your desired exam center with our trained and professional staff . They will do flawless planning and structuring ensuring smooth success for your organization.