Frequently Ask Questions :

If there is any inquiry about our product and services that we provide, feel free to ask and contact us. These are the frequently ask questions that we get from our clients about our product and services at NOVUX.

What is the meeting room discount?2023-12-06T16:37:52+08:00

The meeting room discount is only applicable to meeting room that is up to 8 pax with Boardroom seating arrangement. Included in this meeting room price is unlimited Wifi, unlimited beverages, TV flat screen with remote & keyboard, HDMI cables, video-conferencing equipment and glass board.

The original price is

  • RM150/hour
  • RM500/half day (max. 4 hours)
  • RM800/full day
What is the Cloud Storage?2021-05-10T06:12:40+08:00

Under this package, you will get 20GB of cloud storage. The storage is secure because after your account is created, you will receive an email to create your password, so only you can have access to it. With the cloud storage, you can store folders, files, videos. And you can also share this storage with your team so that they can collaborate easily from remote places. It is as if you can access your office wherever you and your colleagues are.

What is Find-Me Follow-Me?2024-01-10T11:40:45+08:00

For call transferring, you can give up to 1 numbers.

However, if none answer, then we will pick up the caller’s details so we will WhatsApp to the main PIC.

What is the Talk-Time?2021-05-10T06:13:01+08:00

The RM100 is the Talk Time credit which acts like a prepaid. Incoming calls that have been transferred to your mobile and engaged by you will deduct from the prepaid.

This Talk Time is only needed as deposit payment. For local calls, it is RM 0.12 cents per minute.

Can I pay yearly?2021-05-10T06:13:16+08:00

Yes, for yearly it is only RM1000 per year upfront and you can enjoy 2 months free!

Can I pay monthly? What is the payment for monthly?2021-05-10T06:14:13+08:00

Yes, you may pay monthly at RM100/monthly.

For monthly, you will need to pay RM400 upfront first month.

2 months deposit (RM100 X 2) + 1 month rental (RM100) + talk time (RM100). The rest of the months you will pay RM100/month only.

Is there a contract?2021-05-10T06:14:39+08:00

Yes, there will be a contract and agreement that needs to be signed after payment is made which can be done online or on-site.

What if the reception team cannot reach me after transferring the call?2021-05-10T06:14:50+08:00

The reception team will notify you regarding the caller and the caller’s message through Whatsapp or e-mail, whichever medium you prefer.

How does the call transferring service work?2021-05-10T06:15:01+08:00

With any incoming calls to the landline dedicated number, our reception team will answer the calls on your behalf in your company name and transfer the call to your mobile number.

You can request us to answer the call first and then transfer to your mobile number.

Alternatively, you can request us to direct transfer which means that we will not answer the call but the call received from the landline number will go straight to your mobile number.

What is Work from Home package?2021-05-10T06:15:11+08:00

Work from Home package is a package that offers you prime business address, mail collection, communication service and cloud storage. This package is suitable for those who is running a business and need a commercial property without the need of going to the office. This package is complete with the needs of office facilities while safely working at home.

Do you do signage?2021-11-08T14:09:40+08:00

Yes, we only do electronic signage which shall be displayed on the TV screen at our entrance.

If the minimum tenure is 12 months only, do you allow for predetermination tenancy for some flexibility i.e. serving 1 months prior written notice to terminate tenancy? Any liquidates damages claim from the landlord due to predetermination tenancy?2021-11-08T14:10:44+08:00

In order to mitigate any risks that may arise, we could go for the “6+6” months contract and also we could get 1 month deposit instead of 2 months. However, in the event of early termination (below 6 months), 1 month deposit will be forfeited.

The minimum tenure is 12 months? Do you provide monthly tenure?2021-11-08T14:11:10+08:00

Unfortunately, regret to inform you we don’t provide short-term monthly tenure and also coworking due to the covid-19 situation, we only go for the long term contract.

What are the charges for printing after 100 pages (B&W)? How about colour print and any charges for scanning? Will there be a secured printing ie. Need to key in password to enter before printing.2021-04-27T07:30:50+08:00

You may bring in your printing machine to save more costs. Alternatively, you may use our printing services in which there shall be extra charges as per below:

  • Printing/Photocopy Colour = RM 1.00/Page
  • Photocopy Black & White = RM 0.50/Page
  • Fax Service = RM 0.50/Page
What is the Seasonal Parking rate?2021-11-08T14:11:38+08:00

The seasonal monthly car park charges inside the Menara Bangkok Bank building shall be payable at RM260/month directly to the car park management (Park Rite).

The number of registrations is unlimited.

Cleaning of the office will be on daily basis?2021-11-08T14:12:11+08:00

Yes, cleaning of the office will be included and shall be done on a daily basis.

Is the meeting room free every month?2022-03-18T15:54:30+08:00

The meeting room usage is free for all of our serviced office rental members. 10 hours complimentary quota included.

In the event you have used more than 10 hours, there will be no charges and the use is still free.

However, it is just that if your booking for the meeting room clashes with other serviced office tenants, then we will give the booking first to those who have not finished using the 10 hours quota.

What are the amenities included?2023-04-07T09:08:11+08:00

Our serviced offices come with extensive benefits. Ranging from free meeting rooms equipped with video conferencing equipment and TV flat screen, unlimited Wi-Fi, free flow beverages at our warm pantry overlooking KL Tower view for rejuvenating work breaks, to reception & IT support, we have all that you need for the ideal office.

What is talk time?2021-06-28T04:51:38+08:00

Talk time is like a credit for call transferring. It will start to deduct once call is transferred to your mobile number. Our call rate is very cheap.

What is the payment term for this package?2023-04-06T16:29:04+08:00

We have two (2) types of payment term. First, monthly payment, which include 1-month upfront rental payment, 2 months security deposit and talk time. Second, yearly payment, which makes you pay for 10 months only and enjoy 2 months free services.

Can I have access to the meeting room with this package?2024-01-10T11:39:47+08:00

Yes. Actually, our standard meeting room rental rate is RM150/hour but if you sign up with this package, you will be given complementary of meeting room quota as per contract. Early booking is required for meeting room usage.

What is the function of Cloud Storage?2021-06-28T04:53:17+08:00

Cloud Storage allows for your office to be wherever you are. It gives cloud computing and space to small businesses and digital nomads to easily access all office documents. It helps to streamline and synchronize access, rather than repeatedly sending and downloading the files on WhatsApp. So you don’t need to purchase your own network server because in this package you will get 20GB of cloud storage.

What is Find me – Follow me service?2024-01-10T11:39:34+08:00

It is for call transferring, you can give up to 1 numbers. For example, firstly, we will forward the call to the main Person-In-Charge. If the call is not answered, we will pick up the caller’s details so we will WhatsApp to the Person-In-Charge.

Would your reception staff answer the phone for package that come with a phone line?2021-06-28T04:54:15+08:00

Yes, our staff will do the call answering and answer the call under your company name. But for package without call forwarding we will answer on your behalf, just that we won’t directly forward the call to you. You will be notified via WhatsApp immediately that you had a caller, together with the caller details.

How about my mails/parcel?2021-06-28T04:55:52+08:00

Don’t worry, our staff will collect the mails/parcels on behalf of you and straightaway will notify you via WhatsApp/e-mail. You may come collect the mails/parcel whenever you are ready.

What is Work from Home package?2021-06-28T04:56:05+08:00

Work from Home package is a package that offers you prime business address, mail collection, communication service and cloud storage. This package is suitable for those who is running a business and need a commercial property without the need of going to the office. This package is complete with the needs of office facilities while safely working at home.


Any deposit to pay other than the package fee?2021-06-28T04:56:15+08:00

No. We assure you there is no deposit or any additional fee required for yearly payment.

What is the office address location?2021-06-28T04:56:26+08:00

The address will be: 23-5, Menara Bangkok Bank, Berjaya Central Park, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.

How long does it take to process?2021-01-15T06:43:57+08:00

For virtual office, the procedure can be done in a day.

What documents are required to register for the virtual office?2021-01-15T06:44:20+08:00

Our registration procedure is easy. To start, we would just need your copy of IC/passport and SSM copy. Once we received, we will issue invoice under your company name as well as contract and agreement for signage.

What package do you offer for virtual office?2022-04-07T11:11:25+08:00

We do have few packages that will meet your own requirement such as:

  1. Mail & Address
  2. Communication
  3. Work From Home
  4. Co-working
  5. Dedicated Desk
Who is suitable for using the virtual office?2021-01-15T05:00:23+08:00

It is suitable for freelancers and entrepreneurs who work from home but want a professional business address for their company. It gives business owners all the benefits without the expense of renting an actual office.

What is a virtual office?2021-01-15T06:44:06+08:00

A virtual office is a service package which offers all the perks of commercial property (an office address and telephone number, communication and administration services, and access to meeting room) without the need for physical office space.

CAN I ACCESS MY OFFICE ON WEEKENDS ?2019-12-09T04:32:20+08:00

Yes,  with our packages you have 24 hours access to your office spaces during working days, weekends and public holidays

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