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“Will we work from home forever?”

“Is the office dead now?”

You must be wondering about the future of work after COVID-19. The pandemic has tested us with the biggest remote-work experience in history, making us curious about what’s to come once the pandemic is over.

Despite government’s back-to-work plans, many workers today are becoming comfortable with remote-working. KPMG survey reveals that 68% of workers in Malaysia want to continue working from home while most business owners choose to downsize their office leases to cut costs. It looks like not everyone wants to go back to the office.

Here are the four workplace trends that we will likely see after the pandemic:

More private office suites, less open office trends

Not all workplaces can afford new technology for remote-working. Some need to return to the office to get work done. That being said, office spaces must be redesigned to prioritise appropriate physical distancing. Specifically, workers today will need private offices for more space to limit the spread of germs. This means ineffective open office trends are likely to go down! (as it lacks privacy and decrease productivity) Furthermore, private office suites give you the best of both worlds—  you can enjoy privacy resulting in increased work productivity, and safe social interaction with others. Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in new desks with partitions or wider desks creating safe distances. If it is too costly to renovate for private offices, you can rent our fully-furnished private suites at the lowest price! From smart door locks to soundproof rooms, working in privacy is guaranteed here.

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Work from Anywhere with Virtual Offices

Many people choose to continue remote-working since the pandemic. However, working from home may be suffocating after some time. Work from anywhere will be the new normal soon. Whether it is from the beach or villa, the demand in work flexibility will give rise to virtual offices for convenience and efficiency. With virtual offices, business leaders can run their business more effectively without worrying about nitty-gritty administrative details such as answering calls or receiving mails. If you are an entrepreneur facing a tight budget, it’s recommended to look for best-rated and affordable virtual offices equipped with necessary telecommunication facilities!

More Co-working Spaces

Once lockdown lifts, people will go to co-working spaces to revive their business growth. Remote-work can’t replace the social energy created at a physical office. Although professionals embrace flexibility in remote-work, they know that being near others boosts their motivation and productivity. A research suggested that after some time, remote workers need closeness from being around others. Co-working will not end, but it is destined to change. Therefore, flexible co-working spaces prioritising appropriate physical distancing will be ideal after this pandemic. You can  find exactly that at our exclusive office suites!

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Cheap and Flexible Office Space in Demand

Since COVID-19, many business owners give up long-term office leases and search for more flexible office space. With more people choosing to work remotely, there may be less need for office space after the pandemic. However, on the flip side, it is likely too that more office space is needed to ensure safe social distancing. We can’t guarantee how the demand for office space will be. But it makes more sense to say that more people will opt for renting offices instead of fixed leases. Furthermore, we live in a globalised world where travelling is part of our work lifestyle. Hence, it is not practical to pay expensive office leases when you are barely there. Just like renting a house, renting an office space will definitely save business costs. This is why NOVUX offers flexible office spaces for rent from RM600 per month.

In Conclusion

Not many will agree with the debates on post-pandemic trends. Regardless, it is good to be generally aware that health, safety and money are now important considerations in redesigning business offices. If you need a fully furnished office space pronto, look no further than our affordable office spaces! At NOVUX, we will help you during these uncertain times!