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In a modern way of working, every entrepreneurs or freelancers prefer to choose flexibility and freedom work style which usually offer by the virtual office provider. A group of entrepreneur and small business which don’t have a financial ability to rent office space will choose a virtual office their first platform before growing their business. if you just starting your business and looking for the cost-effectiveness of your business, the virtual office offers you the best choice rather home office.

The business address is the most and major consideration of your business. By having a virtual office, it offers you a professional business address to run your business. In addition, virtual office is a business center that looks more corporate and professional in running a business or having a business meeting. Your business address will help you look more professional and dependable. However, when you used home address as your business address it’s will affect your privacy life and sometimes it seem to be unprofessional to run business.

A virtual office offers you a better space either for your office or meeting room. If you have met with your client, you need a space that is professional and comfortable environment with complete facilities. For example, coffee store like Starbucks and hotel are quite noisy and not suitable for corporate meetings. So, virtual office offers you a better space to have a meeting and also to enclose your business deals. Home office are not suitable for having a meeting with your client as it will affect your family members. Not only that, it might affect client as he or she might be uncomfortable with the environment.

Furthermore, the communication option may be limited when you work at home than virtual office. A virtual office offers you a type of communication option which is you can have your virtual assistant can assist you coming calls in and out. Other than that, a virtual office fully equipped with Wi-Fi, phone, pantry and printing services. A home office you need to manage all of this on your own and you have limited choices.