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Hot Desk

Hot desk is one of co-working nature where multiple people share a single workplace. In other words, hot desking is a workplace where the people can choose to seat anywhere and everywhere.


  • Save Cost
    – Hot desk is cheaper than private office. Either you are freelancer, small business entrepreneur and need a flexibility hot desking is a perfect workspace for you. They can spend for the hot desk because it’s ideal choice to cut the cost.
  • Encourages socializing
    – A hot desk help people to know each other and make a new connection with new people. Frankly, hot desk can bring a better collaboration and brilliant ideas to people. Socializing is important to people which is can bring more productivity, teamwork and happier workplace.

Private Office

A private office is where you have your own space, dedicated desk and workplace without sharing with others. A private office is give more privacy for those are willing to work in peace and avoid from disruption. Some people choosing a private office because they need sense of privacy to keep their things in private and confidential.


  • Focus
    – The main benefits of having a private space is focus. For professional, they need their own space with a lock door, so they can pay attention and concentrate towards their task. Some people very sensitives with sound and need peace of mind. Therefore, private office is suitable for those need a privacy and absence of noise.
  • Personal space
    – Some professional need their own space without sharing with others and avoid from disruption. Professional work need a private space to make sure they can discuss and keep some private matters.

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