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The freelance economy is in.

According to the World Bank 2019 study, in Malaysia, there was about 26 percent of the Malaysian workforce made of freelancers. And it is said that the number is set to grow. But the covid-19 pandemic has even accelerated the overhaul to a freelancing economy which is affecting the relationship between companies and employees. 

This is no surprise. Following COVID-19 and lockdowns, many businesses quickly closed their business, downsized their office leases and laid off their employees. People are losing jobs as companies fail to keep up with the technology-savvy alternatives which offer modern ways of work to stay relevant with the market. Many retrenched workers are falling back to freelancing out of necessity, not by choice. They are forced to put their dream jobs on hold and adapt to the fast-changing, uncertain circumstances to pay bills. 

The younger generation, Generation Z has probably been tired of “get a degree, graduate and get a job”. Growing up with social media such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, the young generation have already prioritised flexibility, work-from-anywhere opportunities in their career expectations. Generation Z is now creating opportunities for themselves digitally, when there is no longer much in the traditional job market. 

However, freelancing has its challenges. With all other millions of freelancers around you and across the world, it is difficult to compete and stand out. A virtual office can help freelancers shine from the freelancer pool. If you’re a freelancer reading this, here’s how it can benefit you :

1. Gain a competitive, corporate edge.

Although networking skills are important to landing gig jobs with big clients, your business address may be something to consider when it comes to securing the best deals. A virtual office can offer you the prestigious address without having to take out so much cash. At a low price tag, from only RM365/day, you can gain a competitive edge as a freelancer over your competitors with a prestigious business address in the city centre of Kuala Lumpur near KLCC and KL Tower. Having this professional business address can boost your online presence. It will appear when clients – international or domestic- search for your business on Google. Hence, making it easier for you to land the best deals with your clients.

2. Save time, protect privacy.

Time is essence. When it comes to freelancing, the need to juggle projects on your own may be so time- and energy-consuming that you do not have the time to focus on admin work such as emailing, faxing, answering calls. This is especially so when you don’t have your own business landline number with spam unnecessary calls coming through. However, a virtual office can help you stay on top with a business address, local dedicated phone number and call-answering service. A live receptionist will be answering calls in your company name, filter out spam calls and forward to your mobile number. A virtual office helps you so much time by cutting out spam calls and distractions. You will appear more professional with a receptionist answering the call. Be it mail and package handling, e-mailing, faxing, or forwarding calls, virtual admins will handle all of your administration work. Now you can work from home more conveniently and efficiently – extra points for you! Read more about how a virtual office can help you balance multiple side jobs here

3. Look credible, feel credible.

With a virtual office, you no longer need to have meetings with your clients at a noisy cafe. Although it is called a “virtual” office, it does not mean you cannot use it as a physical office when you need to. Most virtual offices are placed in a real corporate center and would allow their members to access their fully-furnished meeting rooms that come with video conferencing equipment, lounges, and pantry. As a freelancer, having meetings with your clients at a proper professional meeting room will make you look and feel credible.

Freelancing has become the means to survive today, despite its insecurity and unforeseeable income. And we can say this trend is here to stay. 

If you’re a freelancer looking for a virtual office to help you establish your own professional and corporate image, look no further. At NOVUX, we are ready to help you stand out from the rest of freelancers in this competitive world. Sign up with us today.

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