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 Covid-19 has killed many businesses. 

With the crashing economy and disrupted supply chain, it seems impossible and risky to even expand your current business in this brand new year. Let alone open a new one. 

Some businesses that benefit from the physical presence of others such as workshops, salons, beauty spas have no choice but to change their game. However, not all businesses are doomed to fail. Some are able to adapt to the online tools that we have today

If you are opening or running a business that can adapt to this online age, it is not impossible to start off right now in 2021. In fact, digital communication tools have made attracting clients a lot easier and cheaper via social media and websites. 

Here are some ways for you to attract and keep your clients, adapt your marketing strategies and grow your business during COVID-19:

Up your digital marketing skills.

Now as we are all going virtual, it is the best time to brush up on digital marketing skills. 

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become the most critical for brands to stay connected to their customers in this age of remote working and virtual selling. Search engine optimization (SEO) has also become the game-changer of digital marketing. SEO is very important as it makes your website more visible and credible. Thus, generating more traffic where online visitors can turn into loyal customers. Without SEO, there is no way anyone could find out about your company if anyone searches on Google. 

So to avoid customers from second-guessing your business credibility, it is time to create a website. If your business does not have a website yet, hire a freelance website developer. Consider hiring a writer that writes valuable content to boost the SEO ranking of your business, as well as for your social media. 

Like how first impressions matter, visual appeal matters as well. A graphic designer today is more important than ever to help create appealing pictures for your website pages and social media. This will boost customers’ engagement with your products.

It’s all about bringing value.

Gone are the days where selling was all about aggressive marketing about your products. Today, it is all about what value your business could bring to the table

Reassess your marketing content. If you already have a website, a blog, e-newsletter, think about how you could improve the written content. Ask yourself, “What value could this bring?”, “How would this impact others’ lives?”, “Are they up to date?”. There are many writers out there that are talented in delivering valuable content.

Now is the best time to up your social media game and post engaging relevant content. Share with your audience and customers career advice, business tips and tricks, motivational videos, or content. Sometimes, all you need is some purpose and value to jolt your business to higher heights. When using social media, interact with your networks and reply to their questions. Give more, and you will receive more. 

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Boost personal branding.

Personal branding is perhaps the cheapest and most effective strategy for marketing. People need to connect with people, not robots. 

Social media like LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram are cheaper and popular platforms for personal branding. Rather than merely posting content on company social media profiles, take advantage of your personal profile where you can share about motivation, career and show your vulnerabilities. Show your face and promote your name. Organize a webinar to help to struggle, unemployed younger generations. This will attract more people to network with you and your business will be more recognized.

It is not wrong to sometimes show how your daily life is like, what clothes you always choose to go to work, to show your face and who you actually are. Write a blog about where you have traveled to, what you have learned in life. Sometimes, sharing these little things resonate more with the audience. Hence, promoting bidirectional communication and boosting engagement. 

Communicate Genuinely with Clients.

Times and norms have changed, so does your communication with your clients. Today, the most effective communication tone is authentic. 

When you are communicating with your connections (virtually or non-virtually), it is always important to evaluate your message and its tone. Seek some advice from more experienced figures if you are unsure. Always ensure your tone of message offers hope, optimism, and motivation. Be vulnerable when you have to, and share in your message how you used to live your life in difficulties that everyone else could find relatable. Having something in common to talk about. This will build long-lasting trust and relationships with your connections, and indirectly make your business grow. 

The saying, “What helps people, helps businesses” always stays true. 

Cut costs with a Virtual Office.

If you need to open a new business and register with minimal costs, getting a virtual office is the smartest (and easiest) move to begin with. When registering your own company, the requirement for approval is a legitimate business address and dedicated phone number. Having a virtual address will boost your presence online. When your business has a registered virtual address appear on Google search, clients will find you more professional and credible.

Well, a virtual office KL can do just that! A virtual office can entitle you to a business address and dedicated number so that your business that can be done from home looks credible and legitimate. Now that company incorporation in Malaysia can be done online, that is all that is needed to get your business up. This is how freelancers can gain recognition and benefit too.

COVID-19 does not mean the end for reaching out to your clients. Your business need not stop now. It means the need to re-strategize your marketing strategies and adapt to the constant changes where possible. As the popular saying goes by Charles Darwin, “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent that will survive, but those who can best manage change”.

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