You can register your business through counter or online. If you want to register your business offline then here is the setup. Firstly, you need to have and create your business name. At least, prepare three names to fill up in the application form, then choose the best one. Then, you need to fill up the application form before submitting to Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia. (SSM).

You required to fill up to the form with all your business information and including the business address. Business address is crucially important to register your business. You need to propose at least three names of your company and only one name will be approve. SSM will approve the name that still available and not be used by other company. You can build up your business name from your name or official owner of that company or based on your creativity. After finishing fill up the application form, then submit to Head Office of SSM.

Requirements for registration:

The owner must be Malaysian citizen or permanent resident of Malaysia, the owner aged must be 18 years old and above, and last but not least the only partner or owner can make the registration.

Registration fees:

For the sole proprietorship with personal name, only RM30.00, for sole proprietorship with partnership trade name is RM60.00, for registration branch only RM5.00/each branch and business information is RM10.00.

Online registration method  

How to register your business through online? Here is the step of the online registration method. Before you register your business through online, you should know and understand one thing which is EzBiz portal. This portal is prepared by the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) and its official website for business online registration. You should create the account first and then can register your business. Before that, after you finish creating your account, then go to the nearest SSM office to acquire a one-time activation before register your business. Therefore, this website also where you can register the new business, changes business particular, terminate and to purchase business information.

You can visit the website EzBiz for more information regarding online business registration method.