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Today marks one year of living with covid-19 and grappling with work from home

During this pandemic, many entrepreneurs find themselves overwhelmed as they face long periods of working from home. Pandemic fatigue comes in, followed by work from home burnout. Entrepreneurs crave that in-person interaction with colleagues and clients. Business and communicating with clients are no longer the same. 

Coupled with the stress of drastic business changes, entrepreneurs to are struggling to balance work and personal life. Juggling work and taking care of children at home could never get any challenging. 

Work from home has blurred the line between personal and working life. This makes it easier to be distracted when working at home. Thus feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and burnt out. 

Here are some tips you could use to help yourself work best from home as of today’s entrepreneur.

Create your own office space.

Set aside a section in your room as a home office. It may mean at the balcony facing the view, or an empty master bedroom. Try not to be in bed as this will turn on your sleeping mode. Design the space like how you would design your office desk.  By having a space for your own self for pure work purposes, you will be less distracted and able to work much better.

Set a strict schedule

The good side about working at the office is that you are forced and accustomed to following a strict schedule in place. But at home, it is harder to stick strictly to a schedule. This is because it’s no longer needed to wake up early to commute to keep up with strict office hours, breaks, and lunchtime. The advice is to have your own schedule and put a planner right at your desk. This is important to keep yourself organized and not too overwhelmed with work-from-home. Set some time for breaks just like how you would have at the office. 

  • Wake up, shower, and get dressed.
  • Have your breakfast.
  • Check emails.
  • Work from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
  • Have lunch from 12 pm – 1 pm
  • Work after lunch until 6 pm.
  • Exercise after 6 pm.
  • Shower and dinner after exercise
  • Relax in bed and sleep
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Dress up for work, even from home!

It might be tempting to work as soon as you wake up in your pajamas unshowered and ungroomed. But this may confuse your body clock routine. Try practicing your regular routine to put yourself in “working” mode, even if it’s from your cozy sofa. You will be able to stay focused at work with the “working” state of mind.

Set aside a self-care session

Working from home, you may get tempted to hit the bed once you are done with work. This is because your bed is just so reachable and right in front of you. However, this may mess up your schedule and thus making you neglect your time for self-care.

Although work-from-home is flexible and convenient, you can get burned out easily. Especially when you don’t have proper office support and colleagues to hold yourself accountable at work. 

Therefore, take some time to exercise to Youtube workouts, meditate, or have a walk outside when you are done with work. Allow yourself to immerse in what soothes your mind, body, and soul. Working from home may be too taxing and stressful than it seems. So make sure you take time to unwind and refresh yourself.

Make Work from Home easier with Virtual Office

Many entrepreneurs get frustrated from answering calls from their mobile phones and their business mails end up at their home mailbox. Their business and personal life are no longer separate. Furthermore, their business image does not sound as corporate and professional with a home address.

If you are an entrepreneur who needs to maintain a business’s credibility and professionalism, it’s worth considering a virtual office. Many entrepreneurs do not know that a virtual office can help them run their business from home smoothly and efficiently. 

With a virtual office, you can get your own dedicated number and business address where all business incoming mails and calls could be centralized too. Instead of using your home address and personal mobile number for business errands, you can simply rent a virtual office to maintain business credibility. Multi-tasking when working from home will not be as difficult anymore!

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