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A freelancer is a workers that are not owned by any company or agency. Freelancer have their own company and business. Freelancer provides a goods and services for other organization and in exchange they will get the payment. So, most of the freelancer are from different educational backgrounds and most of them are from designer, writer, event planner and consultant. Freelancer work independently and have their own schedule. Freelancer is suitable for those willing to work independently without having a contract with other company. Freelance who willing to work and travel anywhere, everywhere as long as they can finish their work on time.

How to success as freelancer?


Firstly is, make a friend. To become a freelancer, you need to build a good relationship with all people. This might help you to get the project and more job. As a freelancer, you should be more active and communicate with surrounding people to build a network. You also need to familiar with social networking that can help you to meet people with different background. One of the professional platform that always been used by freelancer is like Linked-In. So, as a freelancer, you need to reach more people and spread your network.


Secondly, keep going with your own brands. As a freelancer, you are representing your own brand which means when you are selling your brands, same like you’re selling yourself. Your ability, experience, knowledge, skills and professionalism are representing your brands in public. You need to take care of your personality because its first impression that represent your goods and services.


Next is, formulate your own rules. Being a freelancer actually is not easy. You need to have discipline and excellence in managing your time where you can differentiate working days and holidays. You should work based on your specialization and avoid the task that can burden you.


Last is keep learning and charge based on your skills. To become more successful, you have to keep learning about something new that can improve your skills and knowledge. Your skill will determine your price. By having a great skill and experience, more people are interested and would like to hire you for their project. The client doesn’t hesitate to pay you if you can give and meets their expectations.