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Virtual office!

We’ve been hearing about it for a while now. Since the pandemic, it is well-known to make remote working much easier. Many business analysts have agreed that the virtual office trend is hitting worldwide and here to stay. And in the near future, we might say goodbye to the typical, traditional workplace.

But before jumping into the deep, we need to be familiar with the basics of virtual office.

So, what is a virtual office?

A virtual office means you enjoy the benefits of an office space without a physical space and desk. It gives you a professional presence without having to pay an expensive office lease. You will have a business address that ensures your business image stays credible and professional. All your administrative work will be taken care of. Be it mail and package handling, e-mailing, faxing, or forwarding calls. 

Now that we know what it is, who is it actually good for?

Entrepreneurs who are juggling multiple jobs can benefit so much from this. Specifically, solopreneurs – an entrepreneur who runs and manages a business all by himself. The rise of the gig economy is killing the “one-full time job for life”. Working multiple jobs, day and night is becoming normal now — which is a good thing as that can help pay off high living costs. But that means one bad thing – total burnout. 

It’s painful to keep multi-tasking especially when you don’t have enough work force (even worse if you are a father or mother of three). Remote-working coupled with multiple jobs have filled every waking hour, and that also means disrupted sleep. Entrepreneurs wished they didn’t have to spend so much time on mundane, nitty-gritty, admin tasks like sending emails or faxes. 

So how can a virtual office help entrepreneurs today?

A virtual office can help you avoid multitasking burnout by taking care of all of your admin and secretarial work. Thus, you can juggle multiple jobs a lot better.

Too tired to handle mails and packages that keep arriving at your house? A virtual office can do it for you. You sign up for a virtual office in a premium location and you will have a prestigious business address that gives your small business a more professional presence. All mails and packages will arrive and be collected at the business address instead of your home. Now your personal and working life are kept separate.

Always out and about meeting different clients? A virtual receptionist assistant team is there to answer and forward calls on your behalf. For any inbound faxes received, they will email them directly to you using advanced telecommunication machines. If you are not around, the virtual receptionists will leave a note for you as well as the caller. Fret not, a virtual office usually has 24 hours voicemail. If anything arises, you will be notified by a virtual receptionist. So no more missed calls and missed opportunities!

And the best part? You can use a meeting room as offered in the virtual office package. At NOVUX virtual offices, we offer a complimentary meeting room usage of 6 hours per month.

Hence, entrepreneurs like you don’t need to spend so much on an office lease just to properly hold your meetings. It’s unnecessary as you will be always on the go, out and about.

Furthermore, this is useful if you worry about not having a professional presence to impress your clients. It’s always good to project a legitimate business image, especially when you are known for running different businesses at a time. That way, people can trust you better.

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In Conclusion

Simply put, a virtual office makes your work life easier. You no longer need to do all secretarial work by yourself, so you can cut the hassle of hiring a receptionist. Now you can save money and focus your finances on where your business needs the most: serving your clients!