A creative ideal workspace is essential for running a successful business. Coworking has become a popular modern work culture because it has offered over and above benefits conversely to conventional working style. Currently, it’s not only freelancers and startups who prefer coworking spaces but prominent companies and organizations are also adopting this particular work mode. With many coworking spaces for rent in Kuala Lumpur to choose from, this blog post discusses the main factors to consider when choosing a perfect coworking space.


Location is a very important factor to consider when deciding to work at a shared office space. Office space for rent with a prestigious business address must be accessible and easy to reach. Assess the location of several coworking spaces before making a decision. For instance, NOVUX office for rent is near and reachable with KLCC Twin Towers. It encompasses KL Tower, Petronas Twin Towers, Pavilion, and so forth.

Ease of Access

A coworking space should definitely have a parking facility and easy access to public transport. Such that you don’t become frustrated by taking long commutes to the office. Novux coworking spaces for rent are ideal regarding this matter as it is directly linked with Rapid KL Monorail, one minute walk to the bus station, and has walking distance from workspace to LRT.

Neighborhood Features

Another thing worth considering is the neighborhood surrounding the shared office space. It’s neighborhood features must include dining, entertainment, banks, hospital, hotels, gyms etc.

Office Amenities and Facilities

Amenities available in coworking space are another crucial differentiating factor when making a decision. Key qualities of a good coworking space include fast internet, beverages, lounges, meeting rooms, and storage, etc.  The office space must also include standard office equipment like stationary, monitors, device chargers and cables, etc. Printing facility is a mandatory office amenity that must be definitely included in the price you are paying for renting the coworking space. Check out amenities provided by NOVUX to its clients on renting office space in KL with them.


Coworking spaces offer flexible payment plans with varied amenities. Consider your budget and opt for a plan that is financially feasible and proves to be an investment for your business.


Some people work well in a crowded area while some like a quiet atmosphere. Question yourself, are you productive in a busy area with lots of people moving around, or do you work best in a quiet zone? Think wisely when choosing between a hot desk or a dedicated desk at vibrant coworking setups.