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Choosing a meeting room for business and corporate meeting is the hardest things that you will be faced. But, in term of choosing a meeting room you need to overlook on detail that they offer for example you need professional with advance of technology but with a reasonable price.

Meeting room environment

In choosing meeting room, you need to look on the type, size of the meeting room that can fit to your event. Not all meeting room are created equal in terms of size and type. Basically, you need to look on meeting space that matches the nature of your meeting. For instance, if you have a corporate meeting, you need to pick a room that projects professionalism.

Rental & Additional Cost

Next, you need to look on the price that they offer. Sometimes, you can find a meeting space with affordable price most important is with no hidden cost. Before sign the contract, make sure that there’s no extra cost (hidden cost) that will charge after the contract had been made. After that, you need consider the payment terms whether the deposit require or not, full payment before or after the event and the most important is they can offer the price of the meeting room that can fit to your budget

Facilities that offer

When you considering to choose meeting room, you also need to consider on facilities that they offer. Either from PA system & speaker, LCD Projector & screen, glass board & marker, unlimited Wi-Fi usage, free beverages and so on. And lastly, either they have a support person that can help you in the middle of the meeting or what kind of support is provide for your meeting before you select a venue.