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Balancing Your Work-Life

If working from home, you will get distracted by your bed, TV and kitchen. By distracting with that, it may affect you lose your valuable time for working. Family members also will always disturbing you from focusing to your job since you are at home.

Making you take your business seriously

If working from home, you will not get the feeling of working since you will be wearing home attire such as pajamas and it will decrease your productivity as you are not in a work mode. A co-working space will help you more to increase the productivity and as you will be officially working without distraction.

Reducing costs

A co-working space will make you save more money than renting your own space because renting your own space will use a lot of money for the installation and utility bills. The staff for the co-working will take care for all the bills if you use the co-working service. Furthermore, having renting a space will make you signing the long-term contract, usually 6 months per year. But with co-working renting, you can choose how many times you need to come and do not required to pay more.

Can make you work in comfort

While working, you may need times to have refreshments. Renting a co-working space, your payment will include with all the refreshments. Unlike inside a cafe, you need to pay more if you repeating buy coffee in a day. A co-working space will help you save more money on the refreshments. A co-working space usually will provides you a locker which can give you a space to store your belongings if you have somewhere to go.