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NOVUX provides you the best shooting experience in our elegant office spaces overlooking the panoramic view of KLCC and KL Tower. Our modern office spaces are equipped with in-house facilities and offer ample shooting spaces. We ensure the picturesque ambiance for your corporate photoshoot, videography, casting, workshops, and filming that will leave your shoots a luxurious impression.

At NOVUX, we go above and beyond what a serviced office typically provides. Our fully-furnished office spaces are also available for rent for your corporate photoshoots, video shoots, and filming. Even if this means renting for only 1 day! When you rent our offices, we guarantee you complete privacy and protection. NOVUX ensures you the best shooting experience that will create your photos and videos a 5-star, luxurious impression.

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Office space photoshoots


Office Space Photoshoots, Videography, Filming

Prestigious Location

Our prestigious location in the heart city of Kuala Lumpur sees a sparkling panoramic view of KLCC and KL Tower. We are located in the highest floors of the sky scraping Menara Bangkok Bank, a 5-star Corporate Building. You will capture luxurious shoots with our sparkling city view. NOVUX even guarantees you the best shooting experience, with a “full-package” shooting venue inside and outside the building. Our 5-star location will leave you photo-shooting for more.

On-Site Support Team

From professional receptionists to technical support, we are ready to assist you during your renting duration. With our 24-hour air-conditioning and CCTV system, we ensure your shooting crew stay comfortable and secure throughout the day. Your crew need not worry about long-hours shooting at our 24-hour access offices. So feel free to keep capturing breathtaking pictures from day till night, where the city lights shine bright.

Affordable Rental Rates

NOVUX guarantees you unforgettable shooting experience at our luxurious office spaces at the cheapest rates in the city. With the panoramic view of KL Tower and KLCC, in-house facilities and ample spaces, our photoshooting rates are a good bargain


What makes us different is our flexible office use. From furniture to decor-arrangement, feel free to use the office space as you wish to have the best outcome for your shooting. Our modern office spaces are versatile to match with any decorations you have in mind for your photo and video shoots. We understand that our clients have their own specific needs. So feel free to tell us your needs and use our exclusive and brand-less office spaces, however you like.

Elegant Office Space

Our elegant office spaces will give your photo and video shoots a luxurious look. Our interior walls, carpets and marbled floors are styled with a brown-cream combination illuminated with warm lightings. We also have office suites with large windows where you can shoot using beautiful natural lights. You can add sophistication to your photoshoots with our modern meeting rooms, fully-equipped with state-of-art technological amenities.



Office Space Photoshoots, Videography, Filming

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