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Conventional long-term office leases failed to provide flexibility that many companies need today. Due to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, short-term, flexible coworking spaces can help companies de-densify their office without sacrificing much costs. In order to better accommodate for any rapid changes in this fast-changing economy, more companies are giving up conventional office leases.

Here are some ways you can re-enter the workplace with flexible, short-term coworking space:

Decentralise and De-densify.

Flexible office space solutions can help you easily de-densify office without locking yourself into long-term commitments and big debts. Big headquarters may need to downscale during this pandemic to cut overhead costs. However, not having the solid office space or a prestigious business address won’t give companies the professional presence that they would need. This challenge is especially so for companies that completely converted to remote-working. As at some point in the near future, they might need the office floor back. Whether your team needs more office spaces or only a few dedicated desks, you can easily expand to additional office spaces within the same building with flexible coworking space.

Maintain Personal Space.

Not all employees are productive with working from home. Some need to return to the office to get work done. Workers may need more private offices for more space to limit the spread of germs. Private suites can give you the best of both worlds—  personal privacy for yourself and safe social interaction with others. Therefore, in re-entering the workplace, it’s a good idea to choose a flexible coworking space where there are private suites consisting of up to 4 desks, rather than clustered or densified open office floor plan. Furthermore, a more closed concept will be suitable for companies that need to store private and confidential documents.

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Give the Option to Work From Home or Work From Office.

If you need to downsize your office at cheaper costs while maintaining employees’ productivity and motivation, give them the choice of both worlds. Let your employees decide where and when they work best by giving them the option to work either from their home, anywhere or in the office. As a leader you will empower and inspire your employees by building a good level of trust and collaboration. In this remote-working age, trust has never been more important in the workplace. Therefore, trust your employees and give them the option to work from home or work from office.

Practise New Norms.

Enforcing health and safety guidelines provided will be our new norm. We must always keep everyone safe and worry-free at work with regular sanitising of hands, wearing masks and social distancing. It may be menial and suffocating but these guidelines are the start to fostering mutual respect during this pandemic – a value that has been long overlooked. Safely and slowly, we can re-enter the workplace and revive the office. 

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If you’d like to incorporate flexibility to your new workplace, get in touch with NOVUX team and contact us on navigating the future of work. We’d be happy to provide you flexible options for re-entering the workplace