cheap office spcace rental

Are you struggling to find the right office space in KL for your new business?

It is challenging and it’s no surprise! This is because choosing the right office space is important for your overall work productivity. Many factors like cost, location, design, amenities come into play. Some people take long enough to know that their bad work quality comes from their bad office environment. Knowing that choosing the right office space isn’t so simple, it’s worth considering a serviced office. 

A serviced office KL is a fully-furnished and equipped office suite which a company can rent on a monthly basis. It looks like a serviced apartment (and a hotel too). Also known as shared office or coworking space, it is ideal for businesses and startups who are hesitant to be tied down into long-term contracts. Compared to the typically fixed 2-year office lease, a serviced office can give you the following benefits that are important for today’s business!

Serviced Office: Flexible terms means saving costs

Today’s economy is dynamic and rapidly changing. This means businesses must be more flexible to better manage unforeseen changes. However, regular office leases are often inflexible and costly – which is a red flag for dynamic companies today. It sounds scary to lock yourself into an expensive traditional office lease of 2 years and then find yourself in debt!

Especially for startups and freelancers, the traditional lease is not convenient and sustainable in the long run. Serviced offices KL like NOVUX offer different flexible terms from one month to a year. Just the perfect solution for budding entrepreneurs who don’t want to be tied up into a strict lease!  Note: We also offer a one-day pass for those who are still undecided!

Serviced Office: Prestigious location in city center

Kuala Lumpur is a competitive city and attracts many professionals from all over the world. So it’s easy to see why it’s difficult to get an affordable office space at a prestigious address in KL unless you are plain rich! But worry not – most serviced offices offer a good bargain for their high-end location in the city center. Not only is it convenient for your clients to get to meetings at your office, but this also looks impressive on your business card. 

office space in heart of kl

Serviced Office: Expand your network 

At low costs, you can collaborate with professionals on the same floor. This is why serviced offices are usually located in the hot spots of Kuala Lumpur. Who knows you might grow big together with the freelancer next door? A serviced office KL is the perfect place to meet and collaborate with expatriates and professionals from all many corners of the world! 

Serviced Office: In-house office support

Besides, serviced offices offer extensive office support that is not usually provided in traditional leases. Admin tasks? Front desk support? Free flow beverages? A meeting room to host your meetings? You name it! Most serviced offices offer relatively reasonable office rates that include all perks and amenities. At NOVUX KL serviced offices, we ensure you have all that you need to ensure your working life runs smoothly. This is so that you can focus on what’s important – your business.

elegant office pantry

Serviced Office: Adapts to changing trends 

Companies today have no choice but to quickly adapt to fast-changing trends. Now that new modes of working such as remote-working and hot-desking are in, it’s not worth the money to be tied down in a strict office lease. A serviced office KL can be the more viable option to deliver you better work-life integration suitable for the modern working day. At NOVUX, our KL serviced offices offer 24/7 access to accommodate those who work best at night too! We guarantee exclusive workplace where you can work however you like.

Serviced Office: The Best of Both Worlds

Many workers today prefer the mix of both working from home and working from the office. That being said, it is not necessary to spend so much on an office lease when you are not in the office everyday. Hence, it’s worth considering our serviced office. 

We offer virtual office packages where you can enjoy the benefits of working from as well as flexible coworking spaces from only RM600/month. If you wish to come to the office for some breathing space away from home, you can use one of the desks in our office space at any time you like! 

If you want to start enjoying the benefits of a serviced office space, it’s time to read what to ask before renting a serviced office.