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Currently, the number of co-working space growing up and boost the market. The co-working in Malaysia increase in demand of usage, especially among the entrepreneur, startup, freelancers and remote worker. These groups start liking the co-working space as their platform to enlarge their business with a low cost of office rent. As a result, this group of people will lead and contribute the demand of co-working space.

Year by year, co-working provider growing up along with the demand for consumer.  The growing in numbers of co-working space with more and more branch opening in Malaysia. According to The Edge Market, prices for co-working space range from RM245 until RM2200 per month depending on the requirements and location. On the other hand, Co-working is popular in Kuala Lumpur and over 25% of the centers offer different package of spaces.

Co-working space most familiar and famous among young entrepreneur in order to kick start their career with low cost which can fit into their budget. This is the easiest way, for the new comer to start up their business with less cost and less risk. Lastly, co-working space help a group of entrepreneur in achieving their goals to become successful in future.