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Nowadays, virtually everyone, even a child has a smart phone. Impossible to entrepreneur if they don’t have a smartphone, regardless of their business. However, the smart phone is not the right way and is not smart enough to manage your business in a way to become more professional. Someone, who really don’t want to publish their phone number in order to make a business, especially to publish in social media or web page. So, the easiest way is by having a virtual phone plan which can give you a bundle of benefits an example, to gain trust of local people if your business are from overseas. In other words, virtual phone systems are the best way to save up your budget. In other words, virtual phone systems are the best way to save up your budget. 

Call Forwarding

What is it called forwarding? It’s mean you can make your calls extension to any other number. Call forwarding is very useful because this helps you to make a direct call to another phone and also another number such as office, home, cell phone and so on. In business, customer is a king, so you need to make sure that the call always connected and can be transferred as request from customer. The new things about VoIP is, it’s can be forwarded to any cell phone, personal number and also headline number.


Menus make it easy for callers to find what they need when reach an operator. By having this features, it give more easiest and simple option which the caller need to choose an option what they need to speak with. Menus giving an opportunity to caller in getting calls directly to the right place. An example, the system already custom made a message to their client which is “PRESS 1 to reach Customer Services, PRESS 2 to reach Sales, PRESS 3 to other”.


Call queuing is famous among organization who has a lot of customers. Call queuing help your customers or the callers to wait for you until they can connect the next call. While callers or customers are waiting to be answered, the system will greet and accompany them with voicemail and also music. Queues are good for company in treating customers in a good way.

Call Screening

Call screening is an audio information from an incoming call that provides with a specific information from the caller. Easiest way to your virtual assistant to find you who’s calling either your client just by looking at your computer screen. By knowing or get information from the caller, you can directly greet your customer or directly can transfer calls to the person in charge.

CRM Integration

CRM is the easy way click-to-dial, screen pops, and the main purpose of CRM is to track your customer information, activities and also the conversation. Thus, CRM also help your business in terms of sales and marketing. CRM enchance your business which the caller can directly click-to-dial when they browse your webpage.