What is Essential for Productive Meeting Room?

Just as a proper office setup is required for productive work, the same is true for meeting room environments. A meeting room environment is a framework for constructive meetings. Every element from lighting to seating to the layout has an impact on mood and energy. The meeting space should be pleasant and comfortable.

What is a meeting room?

A meeting room is designed to hold internal company meetings or can be rented out to other companies looking for meeting spaces. Nowadays meeting rooms are customizable and have multiple uses. Meeting rooms are being used to hold training sessions, conferences, hold client meetings, brainstorming sessions, and such. There are different building aspects that can help design productive meeting room spaces for attendees.

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Essential things to consider

Chairs: Since people sit for longer periods of time during meetings therefore the room should have comfortable and ergonomic chairs. The chairs must have back support and armrests.

Colors: Colors impact a person’s mood set. Dark colors make people sleepy and moody. Light neutrals make a space appear light, airy, and energetic. Always select a color scheme that will help lift up people’s energy and impact productivity.

Sound-proofed: A meeting room must be a quiet secluded space. It shouldn’t be noisy and filled with activity to cause distraction. The meeting room should be in a quiet zone of the office space and built with soundproofing materials. This way the people in the meeting room can fully focus on the meeting.

Lightening: Just like colors, dark or dim lightning has a negative impact on people’s energy and focus.  Bright lights are hard on the eyes. Opt for comfortable lightning that doesn’t strain or hurt the eyes.

Tables: Instead of using one long table consider using short tables set up as a long table or in any format when used for different layouts of meeting space.

Equipment: Equipment for virtual meetings includes LCD screens, projectors, high-speed internet, audio, and video equipment.

Layouts: The meeting room layout should be flexible and be customizable to U-shape, classroom style, theatre, and banquet.

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