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Before starting your meeting or event, make sure that you choose a suitable layout that can fit with your participant. Actually, choosing a layout for the meeting is very challenging. You need to choose the right layout because it will make you achieve the objective of the meeting. You need to choose a layout based on your event and look at the criteria of your event which is how many parks, what kind of meeting either corporate meeting, conference and so on.

There have a few options for meeting layout such as, theater, classroom, u-shape, banquet and boardroom. The ideal room layout for a thirty-person meeting is the classroom, theater and banquet. Firstly is classroom layout and it can fit until 30 pax. It’s perfect for training, classes that suitable for those audiences will be taking a lot of notes and clearly can focus towards the presenter in front. A classroom layout prepares you with a table that suitable for your training and a table will be placed in rows facing towards the presenter.

Secondly, theater layout which is a vast and spacey conference room. Theater seating arrangement suitable for your meeting for 30 pax. It’s suitable for meeting or event which no need to take notes or write down something. The layouts play an important role for your meeting and conference. Then, you should choose and plan carefully which one you need based on the size of your audience. Last type of layout is a banquet. This type is suitable for group discussing which can be seated until 6 to 8 packs per table and its ideal layout for the thirty-person meeting. As a conclusion, these type ideal for thirty-person meeting that can become more spacey and perfect for your meeting.