Questions to ask before renting a serviced office, what to ask before renting a serviced office, Questions to ask before renting a serviced office, what to ask before renting a serviced office

What to ask before renting a serviced office

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Conventional offices offering long-term leases failed to provide flexibility that some businesses require. The fast-changing economy and uncertainty amid COVID-19 has resulted in some businesses looking for more flexible spaces to avoid tying up unnecessary capital. Lock yourself into a fixed lease and you might end up in a pool of debt.

Before rushing into signing a contract for renting any serviced office, it is important to ask these questions:

Where are the offices located?

It’s important to ask this question first before renting an office space. Do you want a business address in the city centre or in a small town? What kind of clients are you targeting? Is the office close to transport links, bars, shops? If attracting international is your goal, a prestigious business address in the city centre is the best decision you will make. However, its understandable if you don’t want to jump into that decision yet because office rates are usually higher in the city centre. But there are serviced offices offering prestigious business address at reasonable costs. It’s hard to say no to offices with luxurious panoramic city view!

What is the duration of rental contracts

How long you need your office space depends on your business needs. Perhaps you only require the space for a temporary project or you want the perfect home for your business to settle for the next few years. Serviced offices usually provide from 3 to 12 months rental on a flexible basis. Some serviced offices even allow renting per week, or even per day! Therefore, it’s better to find out if you can renew a short-term contract or if there are different rental packages available.

What facilities are offered at the office?

When you come for a viewing, you should enquire about all the facilities offered at your preferred serviced office. Are unlimited Wifi, beverages, lounge, administrative services, mail handling included? In most cases these are included in the service office package. However, you must ensure you won’t get caught out having to pay unexpected charges. Some serviced offices add on extra charges if the internet or telephone usage exceeds the business limits. At NOVUX, serviced offices are free from hidden costs so you can have a worry-free workplace!

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Are the office rooms are fully private?

Workplaces have evolved with COVID-19. In embracing the new norm, it’s safer to choose serviced offices offering private suites with appropriate physical distancing. At last, we are restoring privacy in workplaces (unlike open office trends)! Plus, open office concept has long been proven to be unproductive and ineffective. Hence, it is good to choose a sound-proofed private office with a shared pantry where you still can interact with other professionals. You can read more about predicted workplace trends post covid-19.

What are the other services offered

Serviced offices will usually provide benefits to go above and beyond your expectations. These could be anything ranging from discounted rates on fully-equipped meeting rooms to virtual office package with a dedicated phone number, premium address, and complimentary office space. Furthermore, some serviced offices are so generous that they even provide photoshoot space for rent and website design services for clients! NOVUX not only provides you a flexible workplace, but also help boost your company branding to another level. 

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Do you need to move in a week or two? Worry not, NOVUX serviced offices allow you to move in on the day you sign the contract! We invite you to work at our prestigious serviced office spaces today in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Enjoy work flexibility in our 24/7 office access without any hidden costs. We will accommodate your business and YOU!