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What is e-commerce?

E-commerce which is selling and buying a goods or services and transmitting funds by internet. There many freelancers, small business and entrepreneurs using e-commerce to sell and promote their goods and services, plus with a co working they can expand their business. In other words, co-working and e-commerce going well together like Wine and Cheese.


The great things about choosing co-working for your e-commerce business is you can run your business as flexible as you want and pay as you use.  This is because you have your online store that exist and operate, then you can work anytime, anywhere and everywhere you want. The entrepreneur who have an online business might have a problem with fixed office and location but, co-working can offer you a better place which offer you a flexibility to expand your business and such a great platform for your business especially for startup and freelancers.

Having great opportunities

Frankly, the co-working spaces are ideal for networking. Co-working space might be different with online because you will face a real-world networking. Besides, in co-working space you could be along with new people with the different business background. In future, you will realize and know how important of networking to your business where you can share ideas and be surrounded with great people.

Build a collaboration

Actually, co-working have a hidden benefits that most of people don’t realize it. One of the benefits which is can build a collaboration. Honestly, co-working is pretty good for startup where they can find a professional person or freelance to help in expanding the business. An example, for business startup you need a web designer, photographer, multimedia and so on. So, by having a co-working you can find and make a collaboration there.

Cost saving

Lastly, the reason why you need to choose co-working for your e-commerce business is can save your cost. Choosing a co-working space such an advantages in terms of your financial. In other words, e-commerce business doesn’t need to have a lot of work space at the beginning, so you rather rent a co-working than office space. Then, after your business going well, you already have a few workers, so then you can rent an office space.