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Uncertainty of what’s to come has made us split about whether to work from home or from the office. While some employees are comfortable with working from home, not all of them are fine with fitting into one shoe size. 

But what if we do both? Meeting in the middle ground with a hybrid office might be the most sustainable solution for today’s workplace. 

Going flexible with hybrid office

The hybrid office approach can be the most viable and beneficial solution for businesses who are still hesitant about returning to the office or remote-working completely. Hybrid office is the balanced approach of working; employees only go to the office when it is absolutely necessary to have a face-to-face interaction with coworkers such as for big conferences or training and the rest of the work is done from home. 

It may seem not too obvious, but the hybrid style can be more flexible than complete remote-working because it gives the freedom to decide anywhere to work, from a cozy bed to a professional office environment. When employees feel working at home is too much, they can switch up the routine and go to the office. For some employees, the office environment is more like a ‘breathing space’ and is conducive for them to work productively rather than in bed that can be bad for one’s quality of sleep. Now that more businesses are embracing remote work, 

Ideally, the hybrid office is just the perfect balance of both worlds. It gives the sense of structure and social interaction on one hand, and flexibility with autonomy on the other. This not only boosts employees motivation, but it helps them empathize for others’ health and well-being at large.

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Hybrid Office: The cheaper solution

Following the covid19 pandemic crisis, businesses are now rigorously looking to reduce overhead costs. Renting a flexible coworking space as your hybrid office can help you with minimizing costs. Compared to fixed office leases, you can save a lot of money with a coworking space since you won’t be in the office everyday. You don’t need to lock yourself into a fixed office lease and waste the big bucks (and space) away.

Furthermore, headquarters landscape might become smaller now allowing for cheaper real estate costs. A hybrid office is a win-win situation for both employers and employees as well! You can read more on mini-headquarters in the future of work here.

What NOVUX offers: The best of both worlds

NOVUX is leading the way in offering hybrid offices for entrepreneurs today. Our virtual office packages can give you the best of remote work and working at the office, from RM600/month. 

Be it mail and package handling, e-mailing, faxing, or forwarding calls, all administration work will be taken care of. This is so that you can work from home more conveniently. Should you wish to come to the office for some breathing space, feel free to use one of the desks in our office space at any time you like. Our offices offer 24/7 access, just perfect for night workers too.

Here, entrepreneurs no longer need to spend so much on an office lease when they won’t be in the office everyday. With the virtual office package, you can come to our offices and use the meeting rooms available for free for 6 hours per month when you need to.

After all, there’s no one formula that fits us all. Ready to call a hybrid office your own? Check out what we offer here! Call us and we will find the solution that’s best for you.