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The brick and mortar office is losing its appeal as days go by with covid19 pandemic.

As much as we wanted to go back to the office, third waves of covid-19 cases are holding us back from re-entering the workplace completely. Now physical office based- workers are tested with new, unprecedented challenges.

Instead of leasing costly office spaces, 21st century technological options are here to help us work through this challenge. We at NOVUX are happy to share with you our new Virtual Office packages to help you work from anywhere.

Our Virtual Office packages will help you give the freedom to work wherever you want while maintaining the support and presence of a professional office. This is the contingency plan to rescue your businesses through this crisis and beyond!

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Cloud Storage: Work from Anywhere

The highlight of our Virtual Office package is the Cloud Storage which allows for your office to be wherever you are. It gives cloud computing and space to small businesses and digital nomads to easily access all office documents synchronically. Hence, you no longer need to only be in the office to access all work files. It helps to streamline employees’ access, rather than repeatedly sending and downloading the files on Whatsapp. Cut the hassle of purchasing your own IT network server. Whether it is from the beach or your cozy bed, all you need is your laptop and you are good to go!

Business Address and Mailing

Gain an edge over your competitors even during this crisis by renting a business address with us. Your business can have a prestigious city centre address in Kuala Lumpur for mail and deliveries without a huge price tag. At the same time, your business can enjoy all benefits of telecommuting which is time savings for your employees or contractors and saving on overhead costs of a physical office.

Dedicated Number, Call Answering and Forwarding

With our Virtual Office package, you can cut the hassle of purchasing your own landline phone numbers. We provide dedicated numbers exclusively for your business with a call forwarding assistance. For any inbound faxes received, our virtual admins will email them directly to you and leave a note for you for any missed calls. Now, you can keep your personal and working life separate yet still receive business-related calls wherever you need to be.

If you need to save your business right now, get in touch with NOVUX team and read more on navigating the future of work. We’d be happy to offer you the office of the future at a fraction of a cost!